We don't just make rings, we make art.

Our Story

In 2016, we started Cairo to disrupt the boring and outdated men’s ring industry. We set ourselves apart by bringing you quality, durable, works of art made from rare and unconventional materials.

We’re inspired by the rebels, the innovators, the dreamers; and our designs embody this very spirit. Your ring travels with you every day of your life, and for this reason we create with the dream of enlivening our ultimate mission: to inspire you to live your new life together on your own terms.

meteorite rings

To the moon and back

Antler Rings

I vow to always love hunting season... I mean I vow to always love YOU.  Even during hunting season.


65 million years in the making

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Great Place to buy unique rings.  They confirmed my size and offered me a free engraving.  The ring is beautiful! I highly recommend Cairo.

Erin C.

I am so extatic with how my husbands ring turned out.  Its even more beautiful in person.

Kelsey S.

Thank you so much! I get compliments on my ring pretty much daily.  

Ryan P.

This company Cares! they kept us updated through the whole process and over-delivered. 

Amanda B.


Do you have your own unique ring design in mind? Or maybe you just want to tweak one of ours?  Our team of skilled designers would love to make your dreams a reality!

unique mens wedding rings

each piece is 100% custom made.

Our exclusive designs include precious metals, diamonds, alternative gemstones and alternative metals.

Our products are unique due to the natural material ring inlays and other features such as:


The demand for meteorite engagement rings and meteorite wedding bands is currently on the increase. For more than ten years, we have been creating and designing meteorite rings before many of the current manufacturers. Our offers are of higher quality and affordability compared to other competitors.


Apart from the eco-friendly nature and full aesthetics beauty, wood wedding rings can be designed to different variety of styles using colorful hardwoods. Our wood rings are produced from different types of wood, which may include Zircote and Afzella; each of these wooden properties provides a distinctive set of characteristics. 


We offer dinosaur bone rings that are unique and has high aesthesis quality. These rings consist of decorated material called "gembone" this gem material is extracted from the fossils of an animal bone. Its different patterns and nature are caused due to the presence of minerals such as chromium, chlorite, manganese and iron which enter the cells during formation. However, gembone remains can be tracked back to about 150 million years ago of dinosaurs existence on the earth surface.


Antler rings are very common among outdoor hunters and lovers. Our antler rings are handcrafted with the use of natural shed specimens, and each material is unique. Pattern and color variations are limitless and attractive because both are influenced based on the animal's gene, diet, location and age.

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