At Cairo, it is our utmost desired that you have full confidence in your purchase, as well as to know that your happiness remains our major concern.

 If you’re not happy with your product, send it back it to us within ten days of purchase, and we will replace, remake or rework the returned jewelry in the exact size as bought, at no extra cost to you.

 If we fail to meet your expectations, we will keep on working with you until you become fully satisfied. Furthermore, if for any reason you change your mind after a purchase, you can cancel the whole purchase and get full reimbursement within the first three working days of your purchase.

 We guarantee the Authenticity of the materials with which our jewelry is produced, specifically the dinosaur bone and meteorite. When appropriate, a certificate of Authenticity will be provided.


Our custom ring sizers are produced in the precise size and width of the specific ring you order. It also enables us to measure your size accurately and conveniently. If you bought a perfectly fitting customized ring sizer, and we delivered a product made in the wrong size to you, we will re-create the item at no extra cost (valid one time only). If you have a wrongly fitting ring for which you did not buy a customized sizer, remake fee is applicable. 

If you do not buy customized ring sizers and a wrongly sized item is delivered to you, a 20% re-make fee applies. If your ring is fashioned in a valuable metal or is made up of stone with a meteorite, lapidary (turquoise, mokume, dinosaur bone etc.), 35% re-make fee applies. If there is a customer-supplied material in your ring and you did not buy customized ring sizers, the applicable re-make charge is 50%.



We guarantee the durability of our products and provide the following services on all of our rings for life to assist you in preserving your item’s original elegance and durability. Just take care of the return shipping charges and be rest assured that we’ll do everything within our capacity to have your jewelry look just like a brand new.

 Ring Armor Protection: In case you found a mark in the armor attached to your antler or wood, we’ll repair it at no extra cost to you.

 Protection of Meteorite Ring: bring your meteorite ring to us, and we will clean and re-etch it at no extra cost to you.

 Repair of Natural Materials: In case the natural material in your item gets destroyed, kindly get in touch with us and we will evaluate if it can be fixed (a fee might apply according to the degree of damage). We will make all the repair options available to you. If your ring is considered to be damaged and unrepairable, we’ll exchange it with a brand new ring for a cost of 50% of the current retail value. This offer is one time only and will not be transferred to the new ring.

 Please take note: If for any reason you give a ring to any other jeweler to have it, repaired, cleaned or resize in any manner, the guarantee is invalid. This includes any modifications carried out to your ring.